Nice win for ZKK Vardar against Probasket

Gepubliceerd op 1 november 2023 om 16:30

After a tough first half ZKK Vardar took a big lead by moving the ball fast and finding the open player. At first Probasket seemed to make it Vardar pretty difficult, but they couldn't hold the lead they had at half time. ZKK Vardar took their fourt win in the competition by winning against Probasket with 62-82.

After Vardar wins the tip-off Anastasjia Todorova is stealing the ball and finishes the drive to the basket. Vardar answers back immediately. Marija Dimitrievic dribbles to the basket and makes the and-1 for her team. Right after that Anja Nachevska gets the steal and goes up for the lay-in. Nachevska is selected for the A team of the national team of North Macedonia. Probasket is moving the ball around. After a struggle in offense they find Milica Jovanovic who takes the shot from beyond the threepoint-line and delivers a 6-4 lead for her team. It's the way Probasket wants to start, and they are getting the ball back to set a new offense. Jovanovic is dribbling to the rim, but passes it outside to her team mate Sofia Stoeva. She is a sharpshooter, and proves her skills with a nice threepointer. Probasket is taking a 13 to 6 lead, but then Ilina Selcova makes her way to the basket. She decreases the lead of Probasket with a threepointer to four points. After some good shots Probasket is finding Stoeva again who answers right back with another threepointer. Probasket is leading by 9 points again, even 10 points when Jovanovic is making another basket. Those players are in the zone during the first quarter, but with a steal and score from Vardar (Slavica Nakov) the first quarter ends with a 23 to 15 score. Coach Aleksandar Asadanov of ZKK Vardar is not happy about their defense. Vardar is starting well in the second quarter when Nakov is hitting from outside again. She isn't finished, that's for sure. She hits another threepointer, and Selcova answers immediately with a steal and score from underneath the basket: 29-27. Vardar is stopping their opponent pretty well. They are back in the game, and even taking the lead when Slavica Nakov makes another basket from the threepoint-line. However, Vardar gets stuck in offense again. It is Stoeva again who helps her team to another lead: 37-30. Vardar comes up with another plan, a plan to set Nakov and Monika Zafirovska free in offense. It works, and Vardar is back in the game again at half time: 41-37.

Even though Vardar came back in the game, Probasket finds Stoeva again with her fifth threepointer of the game. Vardar doesn't give up, and Simona Delovska get an open look and makes the easy basket. Vardar is playing better, and Slavica Nakov makes another threepointer to take the lead again. Probasket is having trouble to find the open player, and Vardar increases their lead when Selcova is scoring again. They are building their lead to 14 points, by multiple baskets from Ilina Selcova. Vardar is not slowing down. The keep Probasket away from them. Anja Nachevska is also strong from outside. Her threepoint shot makes a 53-69 lead possible for Vardar. She is making a good effort during the last quarter, and Vardar will take the win against Probasket by 62-82 and stays undefeated in the league along with KAM Basket.

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