MKK Panevėžys wins exciting basketball game in the final seconds

Gepubliceerd op 27 oktober 2023 om 15:30

Last month we wrote an article about the Lithuanian basketball player Miglė Kisarauskaitė. Yesterday she played with her team Panevėžys against Daugavpils in the WBBL. Daugavpils is a team from Latvia, and Miglė's team Panevėžys took the win in the final seconds with 93-90 in overtime.

At the beginning of the game, Miglė Kisarauskaitė sets the offense. She holds back a little, and decide to shoot the ball from beyond the three-point line. She made the basket, and that means the first three points are for Panevėžys. Panevėžys is sharing the ball pretty well. Urtė Bukauskaitė grabs the rebound, and Kristė Timofejeva passes the ball to Miglė Kisarauskaitė who is able to finish the drive to the basket. She already got five points. Daugavpils wants to answer back. That happens when Katrīna Millere gets the ball and makes the basket from threepoint-line. A nice three by the Latvia international, and Daugavpils gets back stronger. Another threepointer is made by them, this time from Lima Luzgina. It looks like Daugavpils gets the offense they want to have, but Panevėžys has Miglė Kisarauskaitė who shoots another basket from down town: 10-6 and eight points for her. They keep shooting well during the first quarter. Another threepointer is hit by Panevėžys, it is Urtė Bukauskaitė who makes it, and after that it is Kristė Timofejeva who's also able to hit the three: 21-10. Panevėžys already has an eleven point lead. Panevėžys is making it difficult for their opponent to score. They will take a 23-16 lead after the first quarter. Of course Daugavpils doesn't give up already. Millere shot a threepointer before, now she does that again along with Valerija Baranovska who is a really sharpshooter for her team. Daugavpils is back in the game, but Panevėžys finds another threepointer. Eglė Kisarauskaitė, Miglė Kisarauskaitė's sister, is shooting from outside again. Both teams are answering back: a threepointer from Panevėžys will be answered back by one of Baranovska's threepointers. She is the one who delivers Daugavpils the lead around halftime. Nevertheless, Goda Vašurenkaitė will give the lead back again to Panevėžys who makes the basket: 49-43 at half time.

It almost looks like a threepoint contest. Evelina Razgutė finishes really well, and Panevėžys is taking the lead with 13 points after half time. Still, Daugavpils doesn't give up. They find Kinga Piedel who also hits the basket. This keeps going, all the way to the fourth quarter. Both teams are following each other. With four minutes remaining Daugavpils finds Tamirise Simonova who makes the inside basket to give her team the lead with 69-71. At those remaining minutes Panevėžys finds another big basket. Urtė Bukauskaitė is on fire from down town. She knows how to do it, even twice. Two threepointers means 78-76 for Panevėžys in the final minute. Both teams aren't allowing anything at all, but Daugavpils gets two free throws with 40 seconds to go. Kinga Piedel makes both of them, and with no score in the last seconds we will get overtime.

Five extra minutes will be played by a score of 78-78. Daugavpils finds Valerija Baranovska again, but Panevėžys is leading by a one point differential with two minutes to go. An important moment is there for Kristė Timofejeva who finishes the basket at a crucial moment: 90-85. It seems they will get the win, but Daugavpils says no. They find a new threepointer, like usual during this game. Kinga Piedel makes it, and it is only a two point differential. Panevėžys doesn't score, and somebody who does is Anna Liepiņa with 2 free throws. The score is tied at 90 with 38 seconds to go. What is Panevėžys about to do? Are we playing overtime again? They move the ball a lot, and Kristė Timofejeva makes a nice and-1 that gives Panevėžys the lead: 93-90 with 20 seconds to go. Daugavpils needs a threepointer, but they won't succeed. That means Panevėžys takes the win against Daugavpils with 93-90, with 24 points of Urtė Bukauskaitė, 19 points of Kristė Timofejeva and 15 points of Miglė Kisarauskaitė.

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