Sigrún Ámundadóttir reached different stages as a basketball player

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From being six time an all-star to winning the Icelandic supercup, basketball cup and championship; the 33 years old Sigrún Ámundadóttir made a lot of progression by using her talent. She became an international pretty soon, just like a professional basketball player. Not to mention; in the last couple of years she has been working full time as police officer. What makes basketball her passion? Let’s find that out! Photo: FIBA Europe

Being a great basketball player, along with her family

Sigrún was around 9 years old when she started playing basketball. She was not the only one within the family. “My sisters Arna and Guðrún have played basketball as well, though Guðrún quit at Skallagrímur in 2019,” Sigrún says. “She became the coach over there until 2021. Guðrún coached me and Arna as well. Arna is playing in the United States, at Pacific Lutheran University. When I was younger, I wanted to be like them, so that’s why I started in my hometown named Borgarnes. That was my first experience. I really love the game; hanging out with nice people and making friend. Furthermore, I love being a part of something successful. Most of my best friends played basketball. What really hold me into this sport was my family and friend.”

When Sigrún was younger, not only her sisters are someone she would look up at. She had another player who inspired her. “One of my biggest idol is Logi Gunnarsson. When he started playing basketball in Njarðvík, he won three times the championship: in 1998, 2001 and 2002 and also won the Icelandic cup twice. After 2002 he had been playing all over Europe, and now he is playing in Njarðvík again since 2013.”

From Skallagrímur to the highest league of Iceland

Skallagrímur was the first place where Sigrún played basketball when she was 9 years old. It was a nice place to begin at. “I learned a lot of basketball skills there, I put a lot of effort and always wanted to reach more,” Sigrún explains. “It was like training a little more and getting a lot of experience. When I played there, they didn’t have a women’s team. Around 2017, they had a women’s team for the first time, that got into the top league of Iceland.”

In 2004 the time was there. Sigrún would know what it is to play in highest league with Haukar. “It was a great experience, and also a great timing to start at the highest league of Iceland with Haukar. We had a really great coach, and I was picking it up pretty quickly. At first it was pretty difficult of course, I mean it is not something you just do; playing on the highest league of your country at an age of 15. I received a lot more minutes after some seasons, and for me it was a great time!”

Already successful during her first pro season

Haukar would be the beginning of Sigrún’s amazing career. In season 2004-2005 she already reached a lot with her team: winning the Icelandic Basketball cup. “As said, I didn’t play that much during my first season 2004-2005, but we had a great team with players like Helena Sverrisdóttir. Learning from them and being part of that team was an amazing experience. After that Icelandic Basketball cup you know what to do to be successful and to reach a stage like that. It was amazing!”

Winning the championship twice

At Haukar it wouldn’t stay by winning the Icelandic Basketball cup only. After that, in 2006 and 2007 Sigrún won the championship. “When I look back at it, it was great! Back then, like the effort you must bring in and all the hard work, I played five or six hours of basketball every day. It had to be combined with school, and not only with the highest team but also with the younger team of Haukar. It was hard, but really worth it.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

Playing basketball outside of Iceland

Her performances wouldn’t be unnoticed. Sigrún decided to go and play in France for Olympique Sannois. “I wanted to try something else, just to know what basketball is like somewhere else. I was young, and it was a hard time. There weren’t a lot of people who speaks English, but I learned a lot. I really grew up in every way; both as a player and as a person. The style of playing basketball is really different. Everything goes faster and is a lot of stronger. Even though my basketball time wasn’t that successful, I learned a lot. It is very important to learn a lot.”

Four years later Sigrún moved to Sweden, also a time that she won’t forget. “I love Sweden! It was easier for me to fit in. I understood the language, which is pretty similar to Iceland. Basketball wise, we practiced two times a day, and I got better and better there.”

Winning the Icelandic Basketball cup again

Being successful is something that Sigrún have worked for a lot of times. In 2020 it would happen again. “When I came back to Skallagrímur, they moved to the top league as I said. Guðrún coached the team in 2020, so that was really great to play there. Arna was playing in that team as well. It is the nicest basketball memory I every have; winning the Icelandic Basketball cup again, but now with both my sisters.”

Being an Icelandic international

Not only for different basketball clubs Sigrún would do amazing things, but also for the national team of Iceland! “After some years, I finally made it to the under 18 team in 2005. I got a lot of minutes, and it felt great to finally reach the stage to play for the national team. I will always say to everyone to never give up. In 2007 I played for the highest national team of Iceland. Listening to the national anthem is just amazing. You see different countries, and on those moments you know why you are doing it for; practicing a lot to reach a lot of goals and unforgettable moments.”

Being six time an all-star and winning the Icelandic supercup, basketball cup and championship are performances that not many players could tell. Sigrún knows what it is to be a champion, and that makes her a winner on and off the court, every time! “I wanted to play basketball because of my family and friends. When I got older, I got better and better. At first I wouldn’t believe my career would be this special. It really gave me a lot of satisfaction!”

Photo: FIBA Europe

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