Amazing basketball experiences with Nena Trajchevska

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The 29-year-old Nena Trajchevska is playing basketball at C.B. Arxil Pontevedra in Spain. She started playing basketball since she was seven years old, and this is her 15th years that she is playing professional. She played in a couple of countries, and it’s been great to see her gain a lot of experience! Photo: FIBA Europe

Playing basketball: something that is meant to be

Nena remembers her first time that she was playing basketball. It was like a whole new moment to her, a whole new way of life. “We got a couple of coaches coming through at our school,” Nena says. “I was quite curious of what basketball is all about. The same evening there was a practice, though I didn’t have any clothing for practice. Since that day I never missed any practice. It was a mixed group with boys and girls, and I felt like that this is meant to be. During the first game I scored the first six points. My coach already had trust in me. Everything that I have about basketball is great, including my memories.”

Playing with emotions

Nena has a passionate fire in her that makes her talent shine once more. Having a big passion of basketball, something she will always have. “You meet a lot of players, coaches and places. That makes it very special to play basketball, compared with anything else that I have done. I am quite a leader, and a team player. I want to make sure that everyone feels welcome in the team, and understands their role. I don’t hide my emotions. I have my emotions and I think that I am passionate about the game because of that. It is how I play and how I enjoy it.”

Being a professional basketball player

It was a special experience for Nena to play against players who she once idolized. On that moment she played against them, and she was pretty amazed, but at the same time she showed them that she belongs on the court. “Badel 1862 Skopje is where I played my whole career in North Macedonia, about nine years. I played one and a half season in Serbia, after which I came back to Badel. Badel is like family for me, that is the only word that I can say about that club. Since I was 15 years old they gave me the best opportunities, even during covid time when I got back. To this day I talk with everybody in that club.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

Playing basketball outside of North Macedonia

After quite some time, Nena decided to play basketball somewhere else. Her next stop were two different countries: Serbia and Germany. “The idea to play outside of your country was something new for me. Due to many different problems in Serbia, I ended up playing in the second league of Germany. It was only for two months, but it was amazing. We won the championship, but it was a hell of a year. Nevertheless, nothing would stop me for keep growing. Everyone in the club accepted me so much, and I will always remember that one! In Sweden I had my first experience of playing in the EuroCup. It is one of the most professional clubs that I played with. I broke my shooting arm during the season, but I came back stronger. We were a young team, and we made it to the semi-finals. That showed how much we worked hard. I learned a lot over there! It is amazing to see how the national team of Sweden is getting better and better.”

Playing in the top countries of the world

Turkey is one of the best league there is. They have a lot of WNBA players and teams that play in the EuroLeague. Nena was able to play there, a great opportunity for her. “The league is crazy, very good! I played in a club that didn’t have the best financial situation. Nevertheless, competing against the best players is something I definitely wanted to do. I hope that I can pay them a visit once, and I will always take it as a good experience. After playing in Badel again I went to Spain. It is one of the greatest countries to play basketball. I had a good feeling for this opportunity, and I love the organization!”

Proud to be a Macedonian international

For many years, Nena can call herself an international. She is extremely grateful for that, and for representing her country. “To me, seeing my name on the list of the national team, it was an unforgettable moment. I remember the exercises, and the whole practice the coach gave us that year. Playing for the national team is a very different experience of just playing basketball. As I said, I show my emotions on the court, but playing for the national team is way more heavy and more important than anything else within this sport! Since that day I never said no to the national team. As long as I can play basketball, I will always be there to play for the national team. That will never change!”

Photo: FIBA Europe

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