New opportunities for Icelandic basketball international Hildur Gunnsteinsdóttir

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She is playing for the national team, in the 1st division league of Iceland at Hamar-Thor and is planning to go to the United States after this season, to play basketball over there for the next four years. Hildur Gunnsteinsdóttir (with number 8) will make a lot of progression in the upcoming years. She is a hard working player, a player with a big basketball heart and someone who will achieve her goals! Photo: FIBA Europe

Giving 100%, all the time

When you see Hildur playing, you see someone who believes in every kind of potential. She will live her basketball dreams with every possibility. “I actually started playing basketball when I was eight years old,” Hildur tells. “Basketball is a big part of the town we moved to when I was at that age, and ever since I have been playing and I love it! Basketball is a team sport, and I have been playing with my best friends since I started. Basketball has given me a lot of opportunities to grow further.

I play on the shooting guard or small forward position. I would describe myself as a great team player, good defender and finisher and I find it equally important to set plays for my teammates. One of the most important things is that you have to give 100% during every practice. That is how is works for me, because otherwise you won’t be able to do that on the court during  a game.”

Playing for Hamar-Thor

Right now, Hildur is playing her fourth season at Hamar-Thor. She remembers how it is to grow further and stronger. “It has been a great experience. When I was growing up, I played with boys and girls. I got better and stronger during every game. Later, since 2020, I have been playing in the 1st division in Iceland with Hamar-Thor, our local women’s basketball club. Practicing and competing with and against older women has given me a lot of opportunities and the possibility to get stronger. This is my fourth season at Hamar-Thor. I would say that the team is a big community there, and we have set a lot of goals for this season. I love all my teammates and we will give everything to achieve our goals!”

Being an Icelandic international

Representing your country during basketball, that is something Hildur knows all about. “Playing for the national team is a big honor: to compete against other countries in Europe. When you are playing for your country, you know that you are quite talented. Last summer at under 18 we had a really great team. All the girls put in hard work, and I was very proud of being a part of this team! We reached the best ranking for a women’s under 18 team of Iceland. We got better and stronger during each game, and we have a lot of potential to grow further.”

Next challenge: playing college basketball in the United States

Hildur got the chance to play basketball outside of Iceland. Next season that will happen. She will play basketball at Boston University. “My goal for the upcoming years is to be selected for the senior team of Iceland. Next season, though, I will be studying and playing basketball at Boston University. Who would have thought that! This is a great opportunity for me, and I am so excited and also so grateful for this opportunity! I love the coaches at BU. They believe in me, and I believe in them. I also like their style of playing and I can’t wait to get to know all the girls on the team. Growing as a player and a person is what I am aiming for. Playing college basketball in the US is an amazing chance to understand the game much better. It will be a challenge, but I believe it will only make me better and stronger in every way!”

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