Amazing basketball performances of Frieda Bühner

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The 19-year-old Frieda Bühner is the starting power forward / center of the basketball team of Osnabrück: Girolive Panthers that plays on the highest league of Germany. Besides that, she is also a German basketball youth international. Working hard, on offense and defense, is what you see from her all the time. Every potential of Frieda will be paid off! Photo: FIBA Europe

How she got into basketball

Ten years ago Frieda started playing basketball. The team of Osnabrück, that played in the second division at the time, came to her elementary school and showed them how to play basketball. “Next week I was in the gym, and played basketball for the first time,” Frieda tells. “At first I played basketball just for fun, but when I got older I wanted to grow further. I still have fun while playing basketball. The team aspect, and making a lot of great memories, makes basketball amazing. You win as a team, and if you lose then someone can pick you up. There are so many things that can happen in just a second. That is really what makes basketball an amazing sport!”

“Playing in the German league and getting stronger every day is where I have become now”

We see an effort from Frieda which is wonderful! This season she has an average of 15 points and 13 rebounds per game. “I love rebounding, and do some inside work. I was already tall at young age, so I played on the power forward and center position and that time. Back then I had some individual coaches who helped me to get physically stronger. Playing in the German league and getting stronger every day is where I have become now.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

Playing basketball at Girolive Panthers

Three years ago Frieda started to join the highest basketball league of Germany. She remembers a lot of that moment, and her progression. “You don’t have any experience back then, but the other players helped me a lot. I discovered many things while playing on the highest league, and you learn a lot from it. Right now it is just a routine for me. After finish my school I went to Florida to play basketball at the Florida Gators. It was a great experience, but after a while I felt like playing basketball wasn’t the thing for me. Right now we are on the third place of the competition. We are pretty optimistic for this season, aiming for the championship this year.”

Being an international of the national youth teams of Germany

Frieda still looks back about the time she played for the national youth team of Germany for the first time. “It was such a big thing, because it was always dream to play for the national team of Germany,” she remembers. “I really imaged it: playing against the other countries of Europe and representing your own country. It is an amazing experience, and a new way of playing basketball!"

One of her first international moments! Photo: FIBA Europe

“The experience with the team is also amazing. We reached the 4th place with under 18 in 2022, and last year with under 20 was also a nice experience. We played in the B division, playing against other nice countries. We ended on the second place, and it was really nice to see our team growing a lot. To be a winning team is tough, but we really showed our work ethic that paid off into this kinds of results!”

One thing will be for sure: we will see Frieda back at the national senior team of Germany! Photo: FIBA Europe

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