Benedetta Aghilarre's enthusiastic basketball journey to stronger every day

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Benedetta Aghilarre has been playing basketball since she was five years old. Right now she plays basketball in division A at Basket Roma, and also plays with the national team. She is on her last year of high school, and after that she will go to a university. Benedetta knows what winning is and how it is to become a winner. Photo: FIBA Europe

Growing as a player, something she wouldn’t want to miss

Right now we see Benedetta play basketball so well. Who would have thought that she didn’t want to play the sport at first? “I didn’t want to play basketball at first,” Benedetta says. “I wanted to do gymnastics, but when I grew up I felt that basketball is the right sport to me. My parents decided to bring me to a basketball clinic. My coach at the moment, which was also my teacher at elementary school, saw me growing up so good. I started to love the sport more, and I am really happy with that!”

We are glad she did play basketball. If not, she wouldn’t know how it feels to win a championship. “Every year I upgraded my style of playing basketball a little. Just because of that, basketball became one of my biggest passion. I started to grow more and more, and in 2019 I won my first championship. Right now I won five times the championship with the team!”

Nurturing talent at Basket Roma

Basket Roma is the place where Benedetta has always played basketball. It is a great organization to her. “Basket Roma is like a family to me. It is a society where they care a lot about all their talented players. We also play basketball in division A, so the club have grown a lot. I think Basket Roma really helped me to become the player that I am now. They practice a lot, and they also train you as a person. You have to be kind, educated and open minded. You won’t get better of you are greedy or selfish. They don’t want to make you feel alone, and will help you a lot of times.”

Passion unleashed: championship glory

Last year Benedetta played in the under 19 competition. There she was one of the greatest talents. “That championship had a big impact on me. I gave everything on the court, and became one of the best scores. Nevertheless, I couldn’t make it without the team. They helped me a lot, and wanted to see that I and the rest of the team accomplish anything. Just because they believe in me, I grew a lot. Team spirit is everything! Winning a championship is always a beautiful moment. You have to think right, and if you know what you do you can reach anything!”

Photo: FIBA Europe

Playing on the highest league of Italy

It is her first season at division A. That isn’t just a little step, but it is like she is just starting to explore the beginning of a whole new adventure. “I am not quite sure how much the under 19 competition prepared me to play on the highest league of Italy, but I think I am on my way. The years before we knew what to do against the other teams, and we knew what we could expect. I am pretty curious about everything.”

To know what it takes to become stronger

We see Benedetta play with a lot of strength, passion and talent. She knows what you have to do to become that strong. “Now I am tough, but I wasn’t this tough before. It took a pretty long way to become where I am now, and learn how to get tough. In a sport like this, you could be weak. You have to have a really strong mind, and know where you can do better. It is a difficult sport, and of you do it with the right feeling, you can basketball much better. I don’t like it when players say they will become a basketball player because of the money and fame. You have to make it happen to become a better player and to know what basketball really means. That is something that isn’t just handed to you. Only if you work hard, and if you want to get better, then you can reach a kind of stage that you want. But, you have to work hard for that. That isn’t always easy, but it is the best way to keep growing.”

Become an Italian international

Hard work really pays off. Benedetta should know what it is to play for the national team. Last year she played for the under 18 team of Italy. “It was one of the most excited things I did. I was so happy, happy of everything for what it is to play for the national team! You represent your country, so you have to be proud of that. The other teams have to know that you are not an easy opponent. You want to be good, and to reach some kinds of expectations. Playing for the national team is something I wouldn’t miss for a second! I am so grateful to everyone, and for myself!”

Photo: FIBA Europe

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