Australian basketball talent Bella Green wants to achieve her goals at Midland College

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After playing 11 years in Australia, Bella Green went to Midland in 2020. She would describe her team as one big family, and after College she has many other plans she wants to achieve.

Many sports before basketball

When Bella was seven years old, she started playing basketball. Basketball was not the first sport she tried. “At first I started playing basketball purely for fun,” Bella says. “My brother played basketball as well, and my parents always made me participate into sports. That’s the reason I did many sports before, like athletic, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, softball and tennis. As soon as I picked up basketball, I knew this was the sport I wanted to play.”

She has many different styles of playing basketball. That makes her so talented! “I can play on the guard and the forward position. That makes it possible to play near or outside of the rim. Furthermore, I am pretty strong and I like to rebound a lot. I mainly score around the rim, but I do want to improve my shot a little more.”

Playing for the Perry Lakes Hawks

After I those sports, Bella knew it; basketball is the sport she would choose! “I started playing basketball at Perry Lakes Hawks in Perth. It is a basketball club where I played from the under 12 team to the Division 1, until I left for college when I was 18 years old. I made a lot of friends in that organization, and I like the culture of basketball a lot. When I was 15 years old, I signed a semi-pro contract to play in the SBL; the State Basketball League which is the second highest league of Australia. At young age it felt pretty amazing, and I played with some players who achieved a lot.”

New opportunities in Midland

It didn’t take long for Bella to take the next step. If she wants to improve her talent, then playing college is a great opportunity for her. “I actually didn’t think about college basketball until six month before I signed the contract. Coach Jones contacted my coach in Australia, and then I realized that college basketball is a great opportunity. I chose for Midland because of the winning culture. They have a very good team, and winning is quite important for me. This could be a great step into my basketball career. Coach Jones is a very good coach. I love my team. We are a real family, and have all the tools to be successful. I am sure that we can gain a lot more success, because we have a lot of talent. Once we work on a couple of things, we can definitely be successful.”

Bella has a lot of goals. She knows what she wants after her adventure in Midland. “After this year, my main goal is to transfer to a University. Now that I know that I do like to play in the United States, I hope that I find a school that’s perfect for me. If not, then I wouldn’t mind to come home to Australia and play over there. No matter what the decision is, I would definitely play basketball!”

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