Gaby Bronson shares wonderful basketball moments

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Gaby Bronson (with number 15) from Wisconsin has built an impressive career in international basketball. With a passion that began at an early age, she has been playing professional basketball overseas for seven years. Currently residing in Luxembourg, Gaby continues to pursue her dream on the court. Photo: Ophélie Delepierre

Family influence

Gaby's love for basketball started in her childhood, surrounded by family members who also cherished the sport. "My whole family played. My dad was super enthusiastic, and I had a lot of cousins and uncles that played. So, from childhood, I was always around basketball," she recalls. This environment led her to fall in love with the sport early on.

High school highlights

During her time at Nicolet High School in Wisconsin, Gaby experienced her first major successes. "We won our state championship in Wisconsin. It was a wonderful experience and an important milestone in my career," she remembers.

Choosing parkside

Gaby chose the University of Wisconsin-Parkside due to the family-like atmosphere and the strong bond within the team. "It felt like a good fit for me. How well your teammates get along is so important, both on and off the court," she explains. Gaby accumulated countless cherished memories during her college years. "Many of the moments I really cherished were off the basketball court. We would go grab ice cream together and have so much fun. On the court, I enjoyed our summer scrimmages, just playing together and challenging each other," she shares.

Photo: Ophélie Delepierre

First experiences in The Netherlands

After college, Gaby began her professional career with Dozy Den Helder in the Netherlands. "It was a very family-oriented club. I had a good relationship with the team, the coaches, and even the youth players I coached," she says. She fondly recalls coaching the under 12 team, despite the language barrier. "I had to learn a little bit of Dutch. It was a good experience for both me and the kids."

Gaby has played in various European countries, including Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland, and Sweden. Each country brought new challenges and learning experiences. "The weather and sunlight were especially challenging in Finland and Sweden. But it was also great to experience new cultures and push myself out of my comfort zone," she explains.

Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic significantly affected Gaby's career. "Everything stopped, and I went home. When I resumed, adjusting to the quarantine, and playing conditions in Finland was tough," she recalls. Despite the difficulties, she stayed connected with her passion for basketball. "I did a lot of things through my phone to stay connected with people." Gaby is now looking beyond just her role as a player. She is studying to become a mental performance coach and wants to help athletes with the mental aspects of the game. "I want to help people find joy in basketball and support them with the mental skills needed for success," she says.

Photo: Ophélie Delepierre

Advice for young players

Gaby is an inspiration to young basketball players and willingly shares her wisdom. "Keep working hard and believing in yourself. There are times when you might not believe in yourself, but if you keep pushing, you can become a professional," she advises. Gaby proudly reflects on the players she has coached, especially the under 12 team from Den Helder, who recently won the basketball cup as an under 18 team. "It shows their individual effort and hard work. I am proud of them," she says.

Gaby Bronson's journey through the basketball world is one of passion, perseverance, and continuous growth. Whether on the court or as a mentor, she remains a source of inspiration for many. "I love the grind of basketball and the competition. This helps me keep my passion alive," she concludes. Photo: Ophélie Delepierre

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