Chasing the dream, told by Alexandra Erdélyiová

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Alexandra Erdélyiová has played for Sopron in Hungary. She made it all the way to the top. This Slovakian international knows what it is to be a great basketball player, working hard to become a winner! Photo: FIBA Europe

Started playing basketball

Alexandra’s love for basketball was deeply influenced by her family. "My mom played basketball as well, and my dad played football, so it was natural for me to follow in their footsteps. I really fell in love with basketball because of my mom," she recalls. Despite not having the chance to watch her mother play, as she had already stopped playing by then, Alexandra received essential coaching from her mother. "She coached me before I went to my first basketball practice. She gave me the basics that I needed to know and was supportive in every way," Alexandra explains.

Developing her Game

When asked about her playing style, Alexandra describes herself as a focused and determined player. "I have my focus on something, and I'm just going straight to that. I love winning, especially the games where we are tied, and you need to show who's the most competitive," she states passionately. Alexandra’s basketball career began at the Young Angels Academy, the best academy in Slovakia. "I started at nine in the Young Angels Academy. At 13, we came to Sopron for a tournament, and I was pretty amazed! After the tournament, I told my parents that this is where I want to play next," she shares. Her dream came true when she was 15, stepping into the Sopron arena for the first time.

Challenges and triumphs

Reflecting on her early experiences, Alexandra remembers her first time playing basketball. "It was in a gym in our small village when my mom was trying to get some girls to play basketball. It was amazing to see how far I’ve come," she says. The opportunity to see big players and EuroLeague games inspired her to pursue basketball professionally. "These moments made me want to go further with basketball," she adds. Alexandra also acknowledges the significant role her coaches played in her development. "They believed in me and wanted me to improve in every practice and game. They collaborated with us, and I can't thank them enough because they gave me everything I am using now," she expresses gratefully.

Achieving dreams

Joining Sopron, one of Europe’s greatest teams, was a significant milestone for Alexandra. "It was something big. I was full of emotions, surrounded by valuable players and staff. It feels like family here," she says warmly. Adjusting to the aggressive and strong style of Hungarian basketball was challenging but rewarding. "It was good, and I enjoyed the ride. That's why I am a valuable player because I got great coaches here again," she notes.

Playing for the national youth team

It is an honor for Alexandra to play for the Slovakian national youth team. It was another goal since she started playing basketball to represent her country. “I love every summer when I can go there and work with the girls," she says. Last summer marked a significant progression in her career, as she averaged more than 10 points per game for the national team. "I took every energy I had with me and put my heart on the court. It was my best season," she proudly states.

Alexandra is living her dream. She concludes that, embodying the spirit of a true athlete who knows how to make dreams come true! Photo: FIBA Europe

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