New basketball challenge for Nicole Brochlitz

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The 19-year-old Nicole Brochlitz reached a lot of special moments this year. The German international is playing in the first league of Germany. Before that, she won a couple of titles in the youth competition, and last year she won the cup with TK Hannover. Nicole is a great player with a lot of potential. The under 20’s European championship proves her potential! Photo: FIBA Europe

Starting playing basketball, and keep growing

Nicole was six years old when she started playing basketball. Her older brother has already played basketball. “That’s why I was in the gym with him pretty often, and I had a lot of fun watching him,” Nicole remembers. “It didn’t take long to start playing basketball as well. He was the reason why I started.”

When she was playing basketball in the second league of Germany, Nicole was 15 years old. After some progression in the youth competition, she discovered that the second league was from another level. “It was pretty though at the beginning, because I was pretty small and skinny back then. Nevertheless, I became a stronger player, and I am very grateful for all of the possibilities I got! It gave me the opportunity to play on the highest league of Germany.”

Playing basketball on the highest league of Germany

It happened pretty soon. Nicole started to move on, all the way to the highest league of Germany. “We were pretty young at the second league, like 18 or 19 years old. At the highest league, you suddenly play with older players and professionals. It was different, but I learned a lot. Last year I played at TK Hannover; a pretty successful team. Although I didn’t play that much, I learned a lot that year. The team was amazing, and we won the cup.”

“I think my role will be bigger this year, to develop and gain more experience.”

After a great start at Hannover, Nicole will move on, and will gain a lot more experience. “This year I will play at Eigner Angels in Nördlingen. It is a pretty young team, with a lot of German players. I think my role will be bigger this year, to develop and gain more experience.”

Being a German basketball international

For being a great talent, the moment would come. Nicole got selected for the national youth team of Germany. This year it was a very special summer for her and the under 20 team. “In 2018 I got my first experience with playing for the national team. I played in the under 15 back then, but to play at a FIBA-registered tournament is a really big difference. It wasn’t my age, but one year older. It is always an honor to play for your country! The coaches really want to make you better, and it is a very special experience. Especially this year! We started with the under 19’s World Cup in Spain. That was pretty different, because normally we never get the chance to play against USA or Australia. It was a really nice experience, and pretty cool to play that tournament. With the under 20 team we promoted to the A-division. Even though we lost the final game against Slovenia, we played how we should play. We are proud of everything we have accomplished!”

What else will she accomplish? Watch her, because we will see more of Nicole, this great basketball talent! Photos: FIBA Europe

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