One on one with Klimentina Modeva

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This summer, the 17-year-old Klimentina Modeva was selected for the national team under 18 of North Macedonia. She is a very talented center of the national team, and not to mention; this was the third time she has played an international tournament. She is making a lot of progression, because of her strength under the basket and her rebounding skills. Photo: FIBA Europe

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“I am Klimentina Modeva, I am 17 years old and I come from North Macedonia. I’m playing basketball at ŽKK Struga 2009 for the past four years.”

2.  How did you start playing basketball?

“My sister Gabriela already played at ŽKK Struga 2009. Right now she is playing for the Davenport University Panthers in the United States. The coach of ŽKK Struga 2009 gave the advice that I should play basketball as well. That is how I started.”

3.  How was it for you to play basketball for the first time?

“The first time I played in the competition was when I was around 13 years old. I was really excited to play, and after that I started to love the sport even more and I have been playing it since then.”

4.  What kind of player are you?

“I am a center, so I play under the basket a lot. Although I am a center, I am practicing my shooting abilities so I want to improve that as well.”

5.  Is there someone who inspires you?

“My sister, Gabriela. She started playing basketball at first, and I watched her game many times. My thoughts were that I wanted to play on that court someday, and now it is happening for a while!”

6.  You playing basketball professionally at ŽKK Struga 2009 for quite a while now. You are also an international of the national youth team of North Macedonia. How does it feel for you to play for your country?

“It feels so great to me, playing for my country! The first time was so amazing, to go to Georgia and start playing for the national under 16 team of North Macedonia. When I was selected the second time, last year for the under 18 team, I was pretty surprised. To be honest, I didn’t expect that. Last month was the third time playing for the national team. It is a really honor to play for the team, and a great experience to play against other countries and meet other players.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

7.  The first time you played for the under 16 team was two years ago during the FIBA Challengers. How would you describe that tournament?

“Before we went to Georgia, we really excited. It is something new, and that was also a bit scary. It was new for most of the players. When we won the championship of that tournament, we were so surprised! I don’t think that any of the North Macedonian teams didn’t win any tournament so far. We did it as a team. The chemistry was good, and we really did a great job!”

Photo: FIBA Europe

8.  This month you were playing for the under 18 team, and won against Norway. How was that for you?

“It was amazing, though I didn’t play that game due to injury. I was cheering and supporting the team to play really good. I gave them advices during the game. They made most of the shots, and we were really playing as a team.”

9.  Do you have any further ambitions?

“This year I will stay at ŽKK Struga 2009, but I have new adventures in my mind. Maybe I will go to college, like my sister have done. On the other hand, playing somewhere in Europe would also be good for me.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

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