Nina Krisper; an important player to have in your team!

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Last basketball season, the 21-year-old Nina Krisper played for the first time outside of Austria with ION Waregem in Belgium. Before that she played three years in Austria in the first league, and for several youth teams. Her team effort is so important, and because of that she is an important player for every team she plays with. Photo: FIBA 3x3

Being part of a community

During primary school Nina had to decide which sport she would play: tennis or basketball. Though she played tennis for a while, she wanted to play something new. She quit tennis, and since then she has started playing basketball. “I love being with other players,” Nina explains. “There has nothing been a moment that I thought of playing alone or doing a sport with no other teammates. On the court I still have four other players, or two other teammates when I play 3x3 basketball. I really like the community of basketball and the way everyone gets along with each other. That’s why I never wished to do something else or to search for another passion.”

She makes sure her team has ball possession

The way Nina is playing basketball is amazing to watch. She is using all of her energy in the court, which guarantees a lot for her team. “I am a really passionate player, fighting for every ball possession and every possibility to receive a basket for the team. One of the most important thing is that I look for every options for my teammates and that I want to make my team better. However, maybe I should look for more opportunities for myself. Being there for my team is one of my strong points. I think I can keep up with all my teammates.”

Moving to Belgium

After a successful season in Graz Nina made the decision to move to Waregem in Belgium. She felt comfortable pretty quick. “In the beginning I was kind of sad. I lived my whole life in Graz, and I had a lot of friends over there. After one week I enjoyed Waregem so much. The team was so nice and thought me a lot! We had a lot of fun. I made so many memories and made really good friends, also beside of the team. It was my first year playing outside of Austria, but because of having so much fun I didn’t realize that. The inclusivity and the way everyone hang out with me was really nice and precious. I couldn’t wish any other team outside of Austria!”

Playing for the national team of Austria

Nina got selected for the national under 16 team of Austria in 2015. That is a big performance! “It was crazy!” Nina remembers. “I was 14 years old when I played with the national under 16 team, and I was super nervous. Everything around that event is wonderful, and I have fantastic memories about the time as an international: singing the national anthem and wearing ‘Austria’ on your chest. My coach in Graz helped me a lot, and knew what I was capable of.”

Nina also remembers the time when she was playing for the senior team last July. “In the beginning I was pretty scared. We had one month to practice, and all of our national team players are playing abroad. I didn’t know half of the team, and we never could meet. I was one of the biggest rookies, but I got used to everything. I knew I could keep up with everyone, for sure. Of course I didn’t play that much, but I made it in the selection. I know for sure that there will be more minutes after each season!”

Photo: FIBA 3x3

It is really important for every team to have a player like Nina in the team. She brings a lot of energy on the court, she makes you believe you can be a winner, and not to mention: she has become a winner, multiple times. Nina is an amazing basketball player who can face all kinds of challenges!

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