One on one with Clarisse Davreux

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With the ambition of becoming a better basketball player and playing on the highest league of Belgium, Clarisse Davreux went to the top sport school. From there she worked hard during every practice, facing more challenges and growing a lot as a player. Namur Capitale can be very happy to have a player like Clarisse, someone who knows her ambitions and always work hard to accomplish them!

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“I am Clarisse Davreux, I am 24 years old. I have been a basketball player since I am 12 years old.”

2.  How did you start playing basketball?

“My parents wanted me to choose a team sport. My father Jean-François Davreux is the president of Namur Capitale, and he has a friend whose daughter was playing basketball. I visited her game once, and that is how I start playing in Namur back then. All my teammates were really good, and I was visiting camp every summer.”

3.  Is there a player you look up to?

“When I was a kid, I have already loved to see Emma Meesseman playing. She played in the WNBA, but back then I didn’t know what it meant. The more I got interested into basketball, the more I understood what she accomplished. Emma was already growing to an amazing level, and she still does!”

4.  You started playing basketball in Namur. How was it to play there for the first time?

“At first I joined a non-professional club with a lot of young players. They decided to merge with Dexia Namur Basketball, which was already a professional club. The club was already very nice to play at. During my last year at high school I went to the top sport school, and I played one year in Charleroi. I started making my first minutes at Top Division 1.”

5.  How was it to play at the highest league?

“The first time in Charleroi was pretty exciting! I didn’t receive that many minutes, but it was a good experience. You know that it would take time to get used to the highest league. Later on I joined Namur Capitale to make more minutes and to gain more experience. I always played in the first two teams of Namur, because I always wanted to play pretty often each season. However, since two years ago I don’t play in the second team due to covid-19. Only the Division 1 team played during that period, so now I only play in the first team for the third time.”

6.  How would you describe last season with Namur Capitale?

“It was a pretty hard year. We could’ve played a better season, but we struggled with things like injuries and stuff. Honestly, I think we had a really nice team last year, but still we couldn’t make a difference against Kangoeroes Mechelen. For me personally it was a hard season to. I got injured during the last weeks before the play-offs. In May I got my surgery, so it was not an amazing year. I hope that we are going to do better this season. We have a new team and a new coach.”

7. How much potential do you thing Namur Capitale has for the next years?

“I know that the club has many ambitions and want to reach many great goals. I am pretty sure that we can show many nice things with this team. If we want to reach something, we have to work like a team and do better than last year. We will face this season with good trust!”

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