1 on 1 with Tina Moen

Gepubliceerd op 25 september 2022 om 09:00

After playing in America, the 36 years old Tina Moen was living the dream in Swiss. The Norwegian international won a lot of cups at the beginning of last decennium, and in Norway she won three times the national championship. Let’s ask this amazing basketball player some questions!

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“I am Tina Moen; I am from Norway. My first experience of basketball was when I was 12 years old, playing in a team. Currently I am playing with the national team of Norway, and throughout my career I played in different countries.”

2.  How did you start playing basketball?

“Just at home on the streets and in school. Every house on the streets had a basketball hoop. Every year we played outside, and during breaks at school. I also watched a lot of basketball games.”

3.  How was it to play basketball for the first time?

“I liked it a lot! Before playing basketball I played a lot of other sports, but for me; basketball and the community made it very comfortable.”

4.  What kind of player are you?

“To be honest I can play on different positions. When I was younger, I played point guard. Later on I got taller, so I played more on the power forward position. Right now I am a shooting guard / small forward.”

5.  In 2005 you went to the Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne. What made you decide to play there?

“I didn’t get a lot of offers, so I went visiting the school in Indiana. It was also a great University!”

6.  What made playing basketball in America you a better player?

“When I went over there, I was pretty young. Sometimes I received a lot of minutes, but something I didn’t. It was mentally tough, but it made me a better player in the way that I became a tougher player to play against. When you get the chance to play, you have got to be ready. I had a good last year in the States, and from there I went playing professional basketball.”

7. After Indiana you went to Swiss. What can you remember of that season?

“That was an amazing year! The city was in the middle of the Alps, with six or seven professional players from different countries. We also played EuroCup, so we travelled through countries like Portugal and Romania. We won all the cups during that season, and reached the last 16 teams during our EuroCup adventure.”

8.  How was your adventure in Spain after Swiss?

“It was pretty good, but I got injured during that season. To be honest, it was the total opposite of my time in Swiss. It was good to experience, playing on a higher level.”

9.  You went back to Norway to play in Ullern. You won the national championship three times right?

“Yes, in 2011 I went back to Norway. During the last seasons in Ullern (2014, 2015 and 2016) we won the championship. That was kind of a goal for me, to come back and winning the national champion. That was amazing, and now that I look back at it; I am 36 years old now, and all of this made me realize how amazing this career has been, and being a Norwegian international.”

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