One on one with Tommaso Malara

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Born in Italy, Tommaso Malara has lived and played basketball in Germany, France, and now the Netherlands. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication, family support, and the unifying spirit of team sports. In this interview, Tommaso shares his experiences, inspirations and how it is to play basketball at BC Apollo in Amsterdam.

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“So I'm Tommaso, I'm 14 years old and I'm Italian but I have also lived in Germany, France, and now here. I love basketball. I've played since I was 8 years old, in a professional club, and before that, I played with my dad and mom.”

2.  How did basketball come into your life?

“It started because my dad played basketball when he was younger, about my age. He told me that my mom and dad gifted me a basketball when I was born, and by the time I was two or three years old, I started dribbling. They told me that I liked it, and when I was four years old, I started playing basketball. When I became five years old, I was playing on small courts with smaller hoops.”

3.  What makes basketball your biggest passion?

“I've played it for a long time now. What I love about basketball is the team aspect. In not many sports do you have such good chemistry with your team, passing the ball, and the constant action. It's not like other sports where you slow down; it's always moving.”

4.  Is there someone who inspires you?

“My favorite player is Stephen Curry. I started loving him at a very young age, fascinated by how he shoots the ball.”

5.  You mentioned that you have played basketball in different countries. How was it for you to play basketball for the very first time, if you can remember that?

“The first time was in Germany, in Cologne. I have absolutely loved it since then, because it was a good environment. Everyone was kind, and I enjoyed playing. Being pretty good at the beginning made me enjoy it even more.”

6.  Then you went to France? How was playing basketball over there?

“It was a completely different environment. In Germany, basketball was more tactical and precise. In France, it was more physical and faster, with a focus on fast breaks.”

7. Now you're here in Amsterdam. What do you think of BC Apollo Amsterdam?

“It's a really good club. When I came here, everyone was kind, and I really enjoyed it. The place was amazing compared to the school gym I was used to in France.”

8. How would you describe the under 14 team of yours?

“I think it's a good team. I came here mid-season and was impressed by the change in playing style. It's more like Germany, less physical than France. We played in the Final Four, but it was really tough playing against UBALL.”

9.  What do you think about your coach Nick?

“The first time I saw Nick, I really liked him. He was friendly and explained things well. He's a pretty good coach considering his age, and I especially like how he talks to us and his relationship with us. He's a really good coach and person.”

10.  How do you see your future of playing basketball?

“I would like to stay here for now, and I think I will stay here and not changing countries again. I hope to finish here and then go to college in America to play college basketball.”

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