One on one with Vanesa Jasa

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Even in difficult times there is a way up. There is always a way up. Vanesa Jasa has proven that since last summer. She played an amazing tournament with the under 20 team, by averaging 19 points per game. At TTT Riga she is also a big help for the team. She knows what it takes to get better! Photo: FIBA Europe

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“I am Vanesa Jasa, 20 years old and I am playing basketball at TTT Riga. I come from a family who has played all kinds of professional sports. My brothers played professional ice hockey.”

2.  What makes basketball your biggest passion?

“The feeling of creating a team and being some kind of a family to each other is what makes basketball my favorite sport. You get to know all the players you travel the whole country with. Besides, what can be better than living your dream as a profession?”

3.  What kind of player are you?

“Until the age of 18 I was playing at all the positions. I could be play as a center of even a point guard. Right now I am playing on the point guard or shooting guard position, and I can shoot the ball pretty well.”

4.  You are playing at TTT Riga. How would you describe that organization?

“I think it could be one of the oldest organizations in Europe. It is my hometown team, and this team has a great history. I am really proud to play for this organization, and also with a great coach like Martins Gulbis. He wants you to be better, and to do more than your best. It is my third year playing under him. At first it was mentally tough, but I think that there is no coach in Europe who has that kind of passion. I got a lot better with him as a coach. Although we don’t have the money to bring in the big players, but no matter what you’re doing, you can beat everyone if you play like a team. If everyone is at the same level, also mentally, then nothing is impossible.”

Photo: FIBA Europe

5. With TTT Riga you also played in the EuroLeague. How was it for you to play basketball at that kind of level?

“At that moment, you don’t really realize the kind of competition you’re playing at. You come to the game and play as always. You have to do your job, and after the season you can look back at what you have achieved.”

6.  You are also a Latvian international, and have played for different kinds of youth teams. It started with the under 16 team in 2018. How was that first moment for you?

“We also have an under 14 team, who always played in the Baltic league, but it counts as a national team for is. The first European championship game was an excited moment for me. For me, playing in the national team is like fighting for your country, like how much it is worth it.”

7.  How do you look back at those kinds of experiences?

“Each year you learn a lot, and also grow a lot. I focused myself on the team, being together as a team and work hard as a team. As a team player, you can always learn a lot more, anytime.”

8. Last summer you made a big progression by having an average of 19 points per game and 5 rebounds. How would you describe that kind of development?

“Yes, that summer was my highlight. Last season I went to Spain, but the coach didn’t let me play. That was a bad experience, so I went back to my hometown Riga. I lost my confidence and my shape back then. When under 20 came, I thought that I can only climb up to a better stage, even though I had that kind of experience. I fought hard for every possibility, and it worked!”

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