Enisa Kamerolli shows her strength in every way

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Coming back from a terrible knee injury and getting better. The 20-year-old Enisa Kamerolli from Kosovo knows a lot about that. She is currently studying wellness at the University of Texas, where she also plays college basketball at Tyler Athletics. She shares her story about mental strength and endurance.

At young age a youth international of Kosovo

Enisa’s parents wanted her to do a sport. She always wanted to play soccer, but in her hometown there wasn’t any soccer team. “My mom wanted me to try basketball, and that is where it has begun,” Enisa says. “I can’t live without it! The way I started playing when I was six years old, and where I am now, is amazing. When I was 12 years old, I got called to play for the national under 16 team of Kosovo. We played in the C division back then. It started there, just representing my country. I didn’t think about it when I was 12 years old, what kind of impact it would have on me. It helps me so much during my development!”

Only 12 years old, that is really young to start representing your country! That made her help getting better and better. “I was really young, but for the small countries we had a good result. We kept growing a lot since then. In 2019 we played in the B division, and I also played in the under 18 team. I almost played in the under 16 and under 18 team when that was possible. I think I had good results as a player, and that brought me to America.”

“I grew as a person and a player as well”

Enisa played at KBF Prishtina in Kosovo. She has a lot of great memories about her time playing there. “With KBF Prishtina we won a lot of titles. We also played EuroCup, which was huge. It was a great experience, which helped me a lot. It was one of the best times during my career. I grew as a person and a player as well. The coach helped me to develop myself, especially at such young age.”

Playing basketball in the United States

For Enisa it was time to make a decision. Before covid she was talking to some schools here in America. “Basketball here is the number one sport. I love it here in Texas, and I love the way I get coached. I came back from a terrible injury, and everyone here helped me so much. We made it to elite eight, one of the best teams in de division II area. I hope to grow a lot more during this season. I feel like myself again, so I am ready to help my team a lot.”

“Although it seems really hopeless sometimes, it will make you stronger”

During the darkest times, how will you get yourself together during those moments? Enisa know how to hold on, and to keep believe in good times. “The United States helped me a lot. In 2021 I had an ACL-surgery. I managed to recover pretty well, and it helped me a lot to be stronger. I want to be better and to give Kosovo every possibility to grow. That kind of injury is one of the toughest things to have, it is a mental challenge you have to survive. Although it seems really hopeless sometimes, it will make you stronger!”

Those words are what makes talent stronger! Enisa will be an extremely great talent, and will give Kosovo amazing moments with her talent!

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