Hard working talent Anna-Liisa Vannamik shows her basketball potential from her heart

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Hard working talent Anna-Liisa Vannamik shows her basketball potential from her heart. Photo: FIBA Europe

Hard work pays off; that is always a way to get stronger. The Estonian international Anna-Liisa Vannamik, now playing at Tallinn Sports Academy (TSA) has showed that her hard working talent makes her dreams come true. She knows what it takes to win a championship and to gain more experience. As for her, she has a big heart for basketball, her team mates, to grow a lot and to see her team mates growing as well! Photo: FIBA Europe

Being a great potential

If someone knows from the beginning that you have talent, then it might be possible to keep growing a lot. The question is: what are you about to do with that potential? Anna-Liisa never stopped her potential of growing, and from the beginning she took every chance to make progression. “My first coach came into my school before I started playing,” Anna-Liisa tells. “She was looking for some players, and I was pretty tall for my age back then. So saw potential in me, and invited me to practice. I enjoy every game, and I have a lot of fun playing it. All my worries disappear while I am playing.”

A nice way to start, and to see that someone believes in you. From that moment Anna-Liisa already became a player who fights for her dreams. “I am a hard worker, doing everything to help the team as good as possible. Playing defense and rebounding is helping a lot. By doing that, the team get all the help from me wherever I can. Besides that, I would also call myself a shooter.”

Playing in the youth competition

For a long time, Anna-Liisa played basketball at BC Kalev/Cramo. That is where she took the time to focus and to look around to see how to get stronger. “I remember one of the first game that we won, but to be honest I don’t remember a lot of that time. We were always second or fourth in the youth competition, and even won the Estonian title. We dominated back then, and it was really different then the championship we won with TalTech.”

Learning a lot at TalTech

It was a special time at TalTech. Also a special moment for Anna-Liisa to know what it is to play basketball in the highest league of Estonia. “I have learned a lot at TalTech, which I am really grateful about that. It was a big step for me to play on the highest league, and it was something else: to play with experienced players. That thought all of our young players a lot, and that helped us a lot. They always told us what to do in difficult situations. That made us improved our skills that much!”

“We made it so far, all the way to the championship”

It certainly improved a lot. TalTech reached the highest spot of Estonia, all the way to a championship. “In the first place I didn’t know what to expect. It is a whole new situation and a whole new experience. Nevertheless, by working hard and practicing a lot I became more prepared. I gained more trust, and got the chance to play along with all the other. We made it so far, all the way to the championship.”

New opportunities at TSA

This year her new team is TSA. Anna-Liisa had thought a lot at TalTech as a young player, now it’s time to show her skills much more at the academy. “Our team is about to play in the under 20 European Girls Basketball League (EGBL). I hope that these international games are going to help us, and that it will make it possible for myself to grow more and more.”

Being an Estonian international

Her skills made it possible to play for the national youth team of Estonia. Anna-Liisa has proved her opportunities and her talent. “Playing for the national team makes me really proud! It is an amazing opportunity to show everyone what you are capable of. If you can compete in the European Championship, then that is helping you to gain more experience. We had a great team chemistry this year. I think I had a great role this year, and I think I also could help other players during that tournament.”

Anna-Liisa can be extremely proud of herself! She knows what it is to grow a lot and to help others grow a lot. We will definitely see a lot of her talent, her skills, and her potential! Photo: FIBA Europe

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