1 on 1 with Harry Smallbone

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In 2019, Harry Smallbone (on the left) moved to The Netherlands. He is playing at MBCA under 16 2, and is going to face more challenges during his basketball career!

1.  Let’s introduce yourself, who are you?

“I am Harry Smallbone, I am 14 years old and I come from Luxembourg. This season I am playing for MBCA under 16 2.”

2.  How did you start playing basketball?

“I lived in a small village in Luxembourg. They have a sports school over there, and I was always watching. My brother played basketball one year, so I decided to play for fun. Since that moment I never quit.”

3.  How was it for you to play basketball for the first time?

“It was really nice. We practiced a lot on dribbling, teambuilding and that you always have to look up during dribbling. I am doing all of this now automatically.”

4.  You said your brother played basketball as well?

“Yes that’s right. I don’t remember him playing, but I think we were very similar in the way we played basketball.”

5.  Is there someone you look up to?

“Steph Curry is a great player! He is not the tallest person, and I think he changed the game somehow because of his unlimited range of shooting from the three-point line.”

6.  Are you a shooter as well?

“Not really, but I want to be better and better. I am quite a hard worker on the court.”

7. Since when did you play for MBCA?

“I moved to The Netherlands with my family since 2019. I played for two years at the Dunckers in Hilversum. Right now it is my second season with MBCA.”

8.  How was it to play for the Dunckers?

“It was different compared with Luxembourg. In Luxembourg we didn’t have that much teams, though in The Netherlands and at the Dunckers you have under 14 1 and under 14 2.”

9.  You moved to MBCA, playing on a higher level here I assume?

“Yes it is a much higher level here, and the coaches are more based on a higher level.”

10.  Right now you are playing with MBCA under 16 2. What can you say about your team?

“My team is great! There are good players, and we challenge each other a lot to get better and better.”

11.  What are your expectations for this season?

“I think we are a good team, so I hope we can win the competition in the division we are playing.”

12.  What are your further goals?

“Next year I will move to America in January or February. Hopefully I can play there, in Oregon. I want to reach the highest level as possible.”

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